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NGADM is though

2017-07-05 10:32:38 by Adjeye

Pls let me liv, round 1 track is done

Psytrance Mix

2016-10-07 10:46:03 by Adjeye

6. Mystical psytrance all the way



Its on drone! Check it out!

2015-11-13 14:35:49 by Adjeye


Just a smalll trackkk

2015-07-28 19:29:16 by Adjeye


Voila, Hope you will all like it :)

I made a DnB mix, PLEASE LISTEN :D

2012-04-08 16:37:23 by Adjeye

Heeey NG!!

How are you all guys? So I've learned myself to mix! So I thought, why not share my awsome vocal DnB numbers :P?

Here it is :P Hope you all like it,


I made a DnB mix, PLEASE LISTEN :D

Made this dnb track which is emotional to me..

2012-03-22 11:31:17 by Adjeye

Heey NG

So I don't really have anything to say about this one :\.

Hope you all like it, Please drop a like on my facebook, I will apriciate it much. FACEBOOK
Also, please subcribe to my youtube channel. YOUTUBE

Thanks for listening in advance :)

So wubwub here I come

2012-02-29 10:41:01 by Adjeye

So I tried making some dubstep :)

I hope you like it :)


Adjeye-3 ~ Chaoz analyze.

2011-12-18 11:03:10 by Adjeye

Heey NG,

If I get 50 subsribers on youtube, I will put the high quality for free here!


I am tired...

2011-12-17 11:32:35 by Adjeye

Heey NG,

Ever been so tired in your head that your productiveness decreases to 0%? Yeah, that kinda happend to me, that effects everything except making music happily :P

I hope you enjoy broken dream and aztec mysteries because next week I am in the Alps snowboarding :P

Hope you all will have a good holiday, a nice cozy christmas, and a happy new year already :)