So wubwub here I come

2012-02-29 10:41:01 by Adjeye

So I tried making some dubstep :)

I hope you like it :)



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2012-03-02 05:17:07

You have fans and still there are no comments?

You need some extra respect.

Adjeye responds:

And how do you get some? I actually don't really care that there are no comments :P


2012-03-03 08:49:15

Hmmm...the forums. That's really one of the big ways to get known by other users. I see you only posted 5 times in your account history, so not many know you.

Making good music does help someone get known as well, but to a lesser extenct.

PS: nice dupstep.

Adjeye responds:

Deleted the double post :P. Yeah I know, but I still don't feel like I've reached by far the best I can. And I love to spend more time in making music, than in posting on forums :P. And newgrounds isn't the only site I've posted music to.

PS<--back: thanks :)


2012-03-05 05:16:48

Maybe spend only 5 minutes in the Audio Forums could get you some info. :P

What other sites include your music? (Except Youtube because I already checked)

Adjeye responds:

Soundcloud and facebook I just started (couple of weeks ago), future producers, basil market (site for a game but thwy love to listen to my music) and boy in a band.

Thats like all :P