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Newest song!!!!

2011-05-27 14:43:57 by Adjeye

Whats up NGers? I made a new song, If you have time, listen to the high quallity song on youtube: SQXE


Newest song!!!!

Made a Piano acc.

2011-04-11 15:39:43 by Adjeye

Hey guys!

I made a piano account for my piano pieces, you can request a piano song which you can use for yor music making. more details for that on the piano account....

Feel free to look at it!


Sry for not posting music.....

2011-02-22 14:04:28 by Adjeye

But I am working on something that takes time, I take the best comments of all my songs and try to make it that way, also, its a bit long 5 min. and 37,89sec.

I already putted 12 hours in it, but I am still not totally happy about it, I am changing the order of things the hole time I am changing the instruments as well...

My friends told me that it doesn't sound like something I make usually.. But I think different about that XD.

Don't know when I will release it, probably somewhere in the carnaval break.

It was a loop, but I added 13sec to make it a song.

My music making is inspirated by psytrance, (only a selected group of it). Some of infected mushroom (Mostly the album: Vicious Delicious) but also some of synsum and Phobia (Like turbolence) so you know that...

Don't die in the meanwhile or don't kill some one, Or just do that BUT I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE!
(My bandcamp: Adjeye-3)


Sry for not posting music.....

Album is finished!

2011-02-07 08:30:52 by Adjeye

EDIT: If I sell it 100 times or more, I will upload a picture of my self!

I have finsihed my album 3-dimensions!
With the tracks:
1.Link to buy it without album.
Got dimensioned 02:55
2.Link to buy it without album.
Camilated (Drum change) 03:12
3.Link to buy it without album.
Mummy 02:30
4.Link to buy it without album.
Omg-dimension (shortened) 04:09
5.Link to buy it without album.
Mindthrilling-Dimension (Shortened) 02:51
6.Link to buy it without album.
Endelated (finished) 01:56

I've been working on this for long time, especially for Camilated and Got dimensioned. 100% Of the money goes to a laptop so I can make music were ever I am or speakers. Got a good headphone but the sound in a headphone (closed) is different than speakers so its important. Just to say, all the credits go to me, remixes aren't aloud, but maybe it will in the future.

I also want to just thank NG because I always can do something with the coments I get.

You can buy the album here.
-Individual tracks are $1.22 or EU0.90.
-The album is $5.43 or EU4.-.

I hope it will sell, and, I hope I will speak you all later!


2011-02-03 13:59:51 by Adjeye

So on suggests of some people, I will make a album!
I already made all the songs which will come on it:
- Got dimensioned (Got shot remake)

-Camilated (Drum change)


-Omg-dimension (shorter version)

-Mindthrilling-dimension (shorter version)

-Endelated (finished version)

Some one knows how to raise it on I-tunes or another site for free? Comments about this are always welcome, and I want to know how many people will buy it...
Price will probably be 4,15 Euro.


New song, you need to check it out!

2011-01-27 05:34:47 by Adjeye

My newest track is finally done, hope you enjoy it and make sure you checked it out...:

Please comment me and say wat you think of it!


Exactly how I said so, my channel is Here so.......


Hi all!

2010-10-23 07:25:38 by Adjeye

hi, all :P, I don't know wat to put here so....................................
.....................................B ye:P